Fitment Guide


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Graphic Fitment Guide
Don’t rush! or you will end up with a poor result, have plenty of time and space to help achieve a great look.
Remove as much bodywork as you can from the bike, to ensure you can affix the graphics easily and on a flat surface.
Attach in a warm, dry, dust-free environment. Use a hair dryer to help bend the graphics.
1. Clean all the areas and ensure they are dry and free from dust and oil.
2. Ensure you have clean, grease free hands to avoid smudges and fingerprints. 
3. Start with an easy part like the Swim Arm / Headlight / Front Fender so when you have finished, you will have a   little experience.
4. Now you have a little experience with applying, apply the shrouds. (It’s recommended you remove bodywork from the bike before applying.)
5. Spray the plastic shroud with light mist of water. Coat entire outside of shroud, Being careful not to use too much of water
6. Remove the backing from shroud decal, and as you peel, spray a light mist of water to the adhesive side of the decal.
7. Lightly place the graphic on the plastic. Do not push down on graphic until alignment is finalized. Do not try to slide graphic to proper alignment. We use a pressure sensitive adhesive, which allows for peeling and replacing if pressure is not used. 
8. Once you are happy with the alignment, begin applying pressure to graphic beginning at the center and moving outward to the edges, pressing out fluid and being careful to press out any bubbles. We suggest using the backing paper between the graphic and applicator to avoid "digging in" to the vinyl. Be sure to apply ample pressure especially at the edges. Use the hairdryer at corners, this will help to bend the graphics covered areas. . We also advise re-applying pressure to the graphics after a couple of hours, especially if using an application fluid to ensure complete bonding. 
9. Once the shoulders are done go to tank.
10. Reattach the shoulder plastic to help you line up any lines or designs that continue from the shoulder graphic.
11. Use the same method for all other parts and If you encounter bubbles that cannot be rubbed out, take a sewing needle and prick the bubbled vinyl a number of times and reapply pressure. This allows the air to escape and the graphic to contact the plastic
12. Allow graphics to sit for 24 hrs and again gently heat the graphics from the hairdryer (DO NOT OVERHEAT) as this helps them to seal. 
We would very much appreciate if you could send some digital pictures of your bike prior to installation & also after, to for our NEW online customer gallery!
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